Veterans Day

Kelly Y
Planner, International Transportation

Rocky D.


“What I love most about Tractor Supply is simple, the culture. When I joined the team four years ago, it was important for me to have a clear path to promotion and work for an organization that was invested in my personal growth. I was able to leverage my network administration experience from the Air Force to land a role on the help desk while pursuing an accounting degree. TSC recognized my value and today, I am proud to work on the general accounting team.”

Jagriti K.
Sr Developer, IT Application Integration

Michele E.

District Manager

"In the military, you are trained to go with your gut and that life skill resonates in the retail industry, too. At Tractor Supply, I feel empowered to lead by example, which has been essential to building trust with the stores that I serve as a district manager. After a 23-year career with the United States Navy, I know the importance of women in leadership having women mentors to navigate the unique challenges that come with the job. Tractor Supply recognizes the needs of the team from development, training and morale standpoints. This understanding is evident in our Team Member Engagement Groups. My participation in the Veteran’s Group has been a rewarding experience since joining the team as an assistant store manager a few years ago. In the military our values of Honor, Courage and Commitment stands strong as does our Mission Statement and set of values does at Tractor Supply.”

Ryan S.
Manager, Talent & Organizational Development

Joel M.

Distribution Center Administrative Assistant

“Having served in multiple locations, to include combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, alongside men and women from every walk of life, I have learned how to effectively communicate with a wide-ranging audience. This translates in the civilian world nicely because even here at TSC our Mission and Values are the blueprint to effectively collaborating with fellow Team Members. The military teaches you quickly to adapt and in a professional setting, nothing is more important than communication. As the military engrained in us, “Without communication, you’re just camping.” I’m proud to be working in such a dynamic environment and at a company that values my military experience.”

Sunita M.
Team Lead, IT Marketing and Loyalty

Daniel T.

Assistant Store Manager

“When I retired from the Army after 20 plus years of military service, I took a little time to myself before entering the workforce to decompress. When I decided to get back into the workforce, it was imperative that I work for a company that shares the same values I’ve become accustomed to. I found those values at Tractor Supply Company. I work very hard and approach every day with the intentions to meet the challenges I’m still learning to be a leader without a uniform. Things have weighed heavy on my lately but getting this letter and coin in the mail today let me know that I’m in the right place. I made the right choice and I’m extremely proud to work for such a great company!”

Ryan S.
Manager, Talent & Organizational Development

To our Tractor Supply Veterans, and all our service men and women,

thank you!