National Hispanic Heritage Month

Kelly Y
Planner, International Transportation

Lulu R.

Process Manager, Customs

I am the first generation born to Mexican immigrants who immigrated to the US in the late 1950s during the middle of the Civil Rights Movement. My parents settled in a small rural town in East Tennessee, where they were the only Mexican family for many miles. There were challenges for them to be sure, but there were also many welcoming neighbors. It is growing up in this environment that had a huge impact on my life. It taught me that even though we are different, we are all still the same. My parents instilled this mindset in each of us, along with the importance of making our community a better place.

While I have always been involved in my community throughout the years, I am most proud of having taught ESL classes at a local college in a town with a large Hispanic community. My classes consisted of young and old students alike from varying educational backgrounds. The look of joy on my students’ faces when they start to grasp the concepts and information taught is truly rewarding. To have an impact on my community and to help my students communicate and thrive in their new environment is my small part of giving back.

Jagriti K.
Sr Developer, IT Application Integration

Modesto P.

General Manager, Distribution Center

Although my time at Tractor Supply in the Pendleton, IN DC has been short, going on 3 years this October, it has been without a doubt a fantastic career move! I’ve been fortunate enough to have served 21 years in the U.S. Army and held prior roles in distribution. The time spent at Tractor Supply has afforded me the opportunity to take all that I’ve learned and apply it to building and developing my team through constant focus and modeling of our Mission and Values.

As a Cuban-born immigrant, care and concern for family was paramount in everything we did, and later this same focus transitioned to my Army family for 21 years. It’s this attention to others and the importance of connecting at a deeper level that drives my passion for people and building a culture of trust and empowerment. Our Mission and Values is the perfect foundation to building a culture that promotes growth, development, and inclusivity through collaboration.

Ryan S.
Manager, Talent & Organizational Development

Courtney L.

Human Resources Business Partner-Store Ops.

My life has truly been enriched by my ever-so-personal experiences within the Hispanic culture. From eating at a pupuseria with my husband and two girls, learning recipes from my husband’s Salvadorian country, listening to Latin music, enjoy telenovelas, and putting on my dancing shoes at the neighboring Latin discoteca. My diverse experiences through marriage and life have helped me discover a platform in HR to be able to truly make a difference in other people’s lives. Nothing brings me more joy than to be able to help others in need, provide educational resources for others, help translate, and give others the opportunities to reach and connect with our greater Hispanic Community. Tractor Supply has continued to provide me the platform and resources to continue my work supporting not only our Hispanic Team Members, but all my colleagues, our customers, and communities.

Sunita M.
Team Lead, IT Marketing and Loyalty

Jesse O.

Store Manager

Through my employment with Tractor Supply, I have been able to connect with several charity organizations. One organization is Fix West Texas. This specific organization helps with all aspects of animals’ care for low-income family including food, spay-neuter, and vaccinations. They are dedicated to keeping pets healthy, reducing community shelter intake, and preventing unwanted litters. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tractor Supply allotted each store a gift card to donate to a local charity. I am proud to say I selected Fix West Texas, in which they were able to purchase necessary dog and cat feed. We also held a fundraiser, in which proceeds were awarded to this organization. I can say that Tractor Supply’s Mission on supporting our community and our Out Here Lifestyle is represented through partnerships and sustainable practices.

Ryan S.
Manager, Talent & Organizational Development

Nancy A.

Specialist, Merchandising and Marketing

¡Hola! As a second-generation Latina, I have been blessed with many opportunities to foster a culture of inclusion both personally and professionally. Speaking Spanish fluently, being solution-oriented, and embracing the Hispanic culture have all been assets as a Latina professional. In addition, I learned through the example of my parents, that the key to success is working hard and being dedicated towards your goals. I am passionate about being involved in organizations and volunteering within the community and fortunate to work for an organization that supports my passion. This has influenced my career at Tractor Supply and has allowed me to jump in to participate in our different Team Member Engagement Groups, including Fuerte Juntos.