Supply Chain & Inventory Management

The Supply Chain group focuses on end-to-end supply chain optimization and optimizing the inside of the Distribution Centers via the field support team. The planning teams focus on supply chain design, modeling, landed cost, flow, packaging, vendor operations, analytics, financials, and payables. The field support team focuses on continuous improvement, engineering, slotting, new tools & technologies, labor management, communications, and problem resolution.

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Supply Chain Analyst

What excites you about the future of TSC?

I am excited about my growth at TSC. While TSC is still a growing company, I have seen within my years here that as the company grows, TSC grows its people. I am eager about where I will be in the upcoming years with not only my motivation and drive, but with the support of such amazing people.


Manager, Vendor Operations

What is the best advice you have been given that has impacted your career?

Say yes to any opportunity that can lead to growth, results for the company, etc.


Senior Manager, Inventory Systems & Flow

Walk us through your career journey at Tractor Supply Company.

My career with TSC started in 2006 when I was hired as an hourly material handler at the Pendleton IN Distribution Center. After about a year working various positions, I was selected to enter the Supervisor in Training program. Upon completion of the SIT program I was promoted to supervisor and worked there for a few more months before transferring to our Braselton GA DC. I worked as a supervisor in Braselton for about 2 years before transferring to the Store Support Center.