Internship Program

TSC’s corporate internship program gives students the chance to "Learn, Develop, Network, Train, and Grow" through hands-on experience. In addition to working on individual projects, interns will gain opportunities to directly impact the business and be a part of an innovative and fast-paced environment. We offer 12-week paid internships at our Corporate Headquarters- Store Support Center and Distribution Centers. Our internship program offers a variety of opportunities in Accounting, Ecommerce, Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Merchandising, Pricing, and Supply Chain. Come join us for our next summer internship!

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Day in the Life of a TSC Intern

Location: Brentwood, TN

Interns will have the opportunity to work with an HR Mentor in various workshops including: LinkedIn, Resume Writing, Prepping for First Job and Networking. Interns will also participate in training sessions with our Talent and Organization Development team to include: DISC Behavioral Assessment Training, Emotional Intelligence, Juggling Elephants and Tractorization.

Hear From Our Interns

How would you describe your internship at TSC in a couple of sentences?

My internship at Tractor Supply has exceeded my expectations in every way. With everything going on in our world today, and having to work online, my mentors have adjusted to continue to make this experience as enjoyable and educational as possible, continuously investing in me. Tractor truly cares about their interns and each team member lives out the mission and values daily, creating an excellent summer experience.

- Daniel

What have you learned throughout your internship at TSC?

I have already learned plenty in my intern role related to both professionalism and my specific department. I have enjoyed a few different workshops and interactions with important company employees where I have seen the passion of this company at work. I have also learned quite a bit from my team as I have completed legal research projects and unemployment claims to serve the company.

- Hannah

What have you learned throughout your internship at TSC?

Throughout my internship, I have been working with an outside company hired by TSC to create economic forecasts. Over this time, I have learned how analytics are used in practice and witnessed just how much data is required to make predictions.

- Umang

How would you describe your internship at TSC in a couple of sentences?

I hit the ground running with meetings to curate an experience that is both valuable to me and my team. From gathering information from clients to sign off and enhancements, I believe the projects I have and will work on are important for my professional growth. This has been reflected through understanding member behaviors with DISC as well as providing interns with seminar session aimed to foster growth (e.g. LinkedIn session, Young Professionals meeting, etc.). My internship experience at TSC has been fast-paced and experience-driven, with a holistic view on professional and self-development.

- Linh